National Rescue Dog 🐶 Day bug fixes

Today is National Rescue Dog Day (one of our favorite holidays, since almost half of our team has rescued dogs!)

We also get to celebrate today with a few bug fixes:

  • Shared content article + search + widget update: Customers using shared content articles and using the search setting to "Prevent child articles from being searched" reported that our Contextual Help Widgets (both Widget 2.0 and Modern Widget) were still showing child articles in search. We've updated both widgets so that they properly respect that search setting.
  • Tag Library: If you created tags directly in the tag library, it was possible to create tags with spaces at the end. This was causing occasional creation of duplicate tags (one with and without the space) as users typed in tags and hit enter. We updated the behavior here so that it matches what happens when you create a tag in the article or category editor--trailing spaces are removed on-save.
  • We had reports from a couple customers of some buggy behavior with the on-hover breadcrumbs we added for Shared content articles (described more fully in 💃 International Dance Day Updates 💃 release note)--cases where the tooltip that appeared on-hover was empty for top-level content, or didn't disappear after you moved your mouse away, or initially appeared on the line below where your mouse was. We've smoothed out the behavior here so that it won't show empty tooltips for top-level categories, and the tooltips should show up where you expect and disappear once you mouse away. Let us know if you're still noticing any unusual behavior here though!

Also, in celebration of National Rescue Dog Day, here are a few of our rescue dogs:

Riggs & Brumby