Nat'l Close the Gap Day (AUS) bug fixes

Today is National Close the Gap Day (NCTGD) in Australia. See the end of these release notes for more details. 😊

We've been busy with bug fixes and small app tweaks this past week.

First, three tricky bug fixes:

  • Cache fixes: Thanks to reports from several customers, we discovered that some changes that went out with our Archived status release were causing some issues with published article updates that impact the table of contents, homepage article widgets, category landing pages, and our contextual help widget. If you made changes to a published article to change the title, permalink, New/Updated callout, or meta description and didn't see these update immediately in your knowledge base, this bug was to blame. We've rolled out a more detailed set of rules for these cache updates, but please let us know if you still see any slow-to-update areas!
  • Newly created categories with totally numeric permalinks (such as permalinks of /2021) weren't opening when clicked on. We fixed this so numeric category permalinks work just as well as alphanumeric links.
  • Modern Contextual Help Widget + private domain: For customers with private domains on their knowledge bases using the Modern Widget in browsers that fully disable third-party cookies (such as Safari, Incognito windows in Chrome, etc.), clicking hyperlinks to articles sometimes threw No Access errors. We've fixed this so that third-party cookies shouldn't affect clicking article links here.

Second, two small usability improvements for those of you who Create readers in bulk.

Both of these are on the Import Options screen:

  • When you select the option to "Give all uploaded readers access to the following groups", the reader group list now displays in the same order as you see in the Readers > Groups tab and elsewhere in the app.
  • When you select the option to "Give all uploaded readers access to the following knowledge bases", the knowledge base list now displays in alphabetical order.

About National Close the Gap Day

Begun in 2007, National Close the Gap Day (NCTGD) and the broader Close the Gap campaign are a response to the poor health outcomes among indigenous groups in Australia. Studies have shown that the life expectancy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is 10-17 years lower than that of non-Indigenous Australians.

The main aim of National Close the Gap Day is to make people from both indigenous and non-indigenous backgrounds aware of this problem and work towards finding ways to solve it. It's recognized as the third Thursday in March.

For more information, you can check out ANTaR's Close the Gap pages, and see their Close the Gap Campaign Report 2021.