National No Rhyme Nor Reason Day bug fixes

September 1st is, among other things, National No Rhyme Nor Reason Day in the U.S., a day dedicated to words that do not rhyme with any other words. 

Like "purple."

If you've been looking for a pandemic-era brainteaser to torture your friends with, this one might be fun.

We've been doing our best to add a little more rhyme and reason into KnowledgeOwl by releasing fixes for these bugs:

  • In Manage articles, bulk editing articles was removing any New or Updated callouts assigned to articles. We've fixed this so the bulk edit won't touch those callouts.
  • In the Reporting Dashboard, in the section displayed at the top, the "Currently published articles with zero views" and "Searches in the last week with zero results found" sections didn't do anything when you clicked on them. We've updated them so that they properly scroll down the Reporting Dashboard to the appropriate report.
  • Also in the Reporting Dashboard, the Popular Articles Report was not properly downloading when it had more than 500 articles in it. (Instead, it was trying to open in a new tab and display the report's contents there.) We've updated this so that we handle these larger report downloads more elegantly, which should keep all the CSV exports for all reports on this page properly downloading.
  • When we renamed the New, Updated, Popular, and Recent Articles widgets to be "article lists", we missed a couple places in the UI, namely the righthand column of the editor where we have the option to "Hide from widgets." We've updated this to be "Hide from article lists."
  • With the new bulk approval of readers, we noticed that if you bulk approved or denied all readers in the Pending Approval filter, you'd get a warning message saying you didn't have any readers in your account. This was due to a bit of faulty logic, which we've fixed. While we were there, we also disabled the CSV export if the filter or search you're currently using doesn't have any readers in it.