KnowledgeOwl allows you to set Restrictions for specific articles. The available restrictions are:

  • Exclude from search results
  • Hide from navigation
  • Remove "PDF" icon
  • Remove feedback ability
  • Remove comment ability

The restriction settings are available in the right column when editing your article.

Exclude from search results

Excluding your article from search results will result in the article not being able to be found by search on your knowledge base. Even if there is a match between the search term and the article, the article would not be displayed in the results.

When excluded from search, the article is still accessible via the article URL. 

Hide from navigation

Hiding an article from navigation will remove the article from your table of contents. The article will not be visible when navigating through your categories.

When hidden from navigation, the article is still accessible via the article URL.

Remove PDF icon

The PDF download icon can be removed from any article where you do not want to make this option available. Perhaps your article has video content and it does not make sense to have this available as a PDF.

Remove feedback ability

Allowing readers to provide feedback on your article content is not always appropriate. If you would like to remove the feedback option, check the box next to Remove feedback ability.

With this option checked, readers will not see the ability to give feedback.

Remove comment ability

KnowledgeOwl also gives you the option to remove the comment feature from a specific article. When removed, readers of your article will not be able to leave a comment on that specific article.