Updated Articles

  1. Available custom role permissions Updated

    Learn about what user actions can be controlled by creating a custom role in KnowledgeOwl.
  2. Publishing Status Updated

    All articles have a status. You can manually change the publishing status by selecting a new status in the Publishing Status dropdown, then saving the article.  The seven statuses available are: Draft (default status for newly created a...
  3. User login type Updated

    By default, users are created with self-administered usernames and passwords. This means that, even when you have SAML/SSO enabled for your knowledge base overall, KnowledgeOwl will store a password for each of your users and allow them to log in us...
  4. Snippets

  5. What is a snippet?

    Snippets are chunks of reusable content that can be placed within articles, categories, and even your theme's HTML. The content of the snippet can be as simple as a single word or sentence, or as complex as a JavaScript function that performs an...
  6. Topic Articles

    You can set an internal flag to mark any article in your knowledge base as a Topic Article. Topic articles appear in search and the table of contents like any other article. But they can also be embedded within other articles. This will embed the b...
  7. National I Want You to be Happy Day bug fixes + feature enhancements New

    Today's release has feature enhancements to set the lang attribute for your KB + user in-app password reset; bug fixes for custom content category deletes + glossary term HTML in search results.
  8. Article settings

    Learn all about article settings, statuses, and permissions in KnowledgeOwl.
  9. Reuse, link, and recommend articles

    Learn how to link between articles, share a whole article's content, and set up related articles and page recommendations in KnowledgeOwl.
  10. Edit an article

    Learn how to write and edit content in KnowledgeOwl's WYSIWYG and code view editors, including: adding images and file assets, linking to other sites, adding code examples, and the editor's keyboard shortcuts.