Updated Articles

  1. What content is checked Updated

    Learn which objects and fields the Broken Link Checker will check and include in the report.
  2. File references Updated

    File references are shown in the List View and shown in both File Library views once you select an individual file.
  3.  Customize Text Tool (Jan. 18th) Updated

    Learn all about our newest addition to the Tools menu: the Customize Text tool! Use it to customize some of the default placeholder text we use across your knowledge base for navigation and search.
  4.  Intro to File References (Jan. 4th) Updated

    Learn more about how File References work and how you might use them!
  5. Roadmap Updated

    See an overview of our largest upcoming projects.
  6. Customize Text tool

  7. Section breakdown: Search

    Here's a full list of the Default Text Strings available in the Search Knowledge Base Section, with accompanying screenshots to show how they're used: Default Text String Description Additional notes/description Screenshot References ...
  8. Merge codes

  9. KB Merge Codes

    Learn more about the merge codes available for use across your knowledge base.
  10. Broken link checker & report

    Use the Broken Link Checker to generate a report of all the broken links in your knowledge base.