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  1. Contact form reporting Updated

    The Contact form reporting is set up into two sections: Contact Form Activity and Search Activity. Contact Form Activity The Contact Form Activity report lets you know how well your knowledge base is deflecting support emails. Here's a quick g...
  2. November 8, 2019

    Bug Fixes Navigating to a category from the "Recommended Page Report" in the widget reporting section of the application was not taking users to the correct place In the Widget 2.0 beta, there was no way to customize the thank you text ...
  3. November 5, 2019

    Bug Fixes Setting certain article fields to 'false' via the API were not being handled correctly
  4. October 23, 2019

    Features New embeddable version of the help widget - Widget 2.0 Beta released Official announcement will come after first round of testing and verification
  5. How do I contact support?

    Email your questions, comments, or concerns to our support team.
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  7. Using snippets

    You can add snippets to: Individual articles Categories Custom HTML (adding snippets to Custom HTML > Body is great for adding footer content; you can add snippets to Custom HTML > Article to add them to all articles) To add a snippet, y...
  8. Snippets

  9. Snippet Library

    Learn how to use the Snippet Library to create new and find, edit, and delete existing snippets.
  10. Creating a snippet

    To create a snippet: Go to Library > Snippets . Library > Snippets menu option Click the  + Create New Snippet button. Create New Snippet button Give your snippet a name. This is how the name will appear in the Snippet...