Updated Articles

  1. Create Tickets from Customers in your Help Desk or CRM

    You can set up your contact form to send as a email from your customer's email address to create a ticket or conversation from them in your help desk or CRM. Go to Knowledge Base > Contact Form . Check the box next to Enable Contact Fo...
  2. Contact form overview

    KnowledgeOwl's Contact Form gives your readers a way to email you or submit a ticket to your existing ticketing system. The contact form is not meant to replace your current ticketing system. It is designed to add some power to it. With the Kn...
  3. Version UI update: Show 5 by default New

    By default, you'll now see the five most recent versions, with an option to expand to see more.
  4. Bug fix round-up 17 November New

    These fixes address bugs on shared content categories, the Articles interface in IE11, Snippet Editor, and bulk activating versions.
  5. Manage articles

  6. Bulk editing articles in Manage

    Learn how to bulk edit articles in Knowledge Base > Manage.
  7. Versions

    Your knowledge base content is subject to change. Perhaps your internal policies have been updated or the software you are documenting has undergone a major change to its interface. You will need to update your knowledge base content and it can be ...
  8. Deleting articles in bulk in Manage

    You can delete multiple articles at once using Manage Articles. To do so: Go to Knowledge Base > Manage . Use a filter or search to display the articles you'd like to delete. Check the box next to each article you'd like to delete. (...
  9. Bulk activating "ready for review" versions

    Learn how to activate new versions of multiple articles in bulk.
  10. Bug fixes and small updates for 11.11 New

    We've added an Announcements section to the user dashboard, and fixed bugs with SAML user password resets, internal notes on categories, widget 2.0 topic display categories, and more.