Updated Articles

  1. Reader Merge Codes Updated

    Here are the available template merge codes for use in any of the following locations: Settings > Style Knowledge Base > Home Page Knowledge Base > Articles Knowledge Base > Contact Form Template Merge Code Descr...
  2. Create a version Updated

    To create a version for an article or custom content category: Open the article or custom content category in the editor. Click the Create a new version  button in the Versions  section of the right hand column. This will open a dr...
  3. Body Merge Codes Updated

    Here are the available template merge codes for use in Settings > Style > Custom HTML > Body.  All merge codes except "contents" will also work inside articles. Template Merge Code Description Example [t...
  4. Allow Google log in for readers

    Follow these steps to allow readers to sign up for and log in to your knowledge base with their Google account.
  5. Merge codes

  6. Nat'l Chocolate Cupcake 🧁 Day bugfixes and feature enhancements New

    This release includes bugfixes for editing glossary terms and the reader username merge code, plus Preview Changes for Style Settings, a new create version workflow, and a new body merge code.
  7. Versions

    Learn how to create, edit, delete, review, and activate new versions of articles and custom content categories.
  8. Create REST API documentation in KnowledgeOwl

    Learn how to create REST API documentation using KnowledgeOwl and Redoc.
  9. Next steps

    This article has described one method of creating REST API documentation from an OpenAPI spec in KnowledgeOwl. If you want to use it, it's worth spending time reading Redoc's README and documentation . You can also view our own endpoint ...
  10. REST API documentation with content security headers

    If you have content security policy headers enabled in your knowledge base security settings, you cannot host the files in the KnowledgeOwl file library. The security settings prevent loading the JSON or YAML spec file. You can still load the fil...