Updated Articles

  1. Creating a custom Manage filter Updated

    In addition to the Standard Manage filters , you can also create your own custom Manage filters. To do so: Go to Knowledge Base > Manage . Click the Create New Filter  button next to the filter selector. This will open a pop-up wher...
  2. Manage Articles: Now with a Category Filter!

    We've added a category filter to the Manage Articles custom filters. Learn where it is and how to use it!
  3. 13 May 2021 feature enhancements and bug fixes New

    Feature enhancements affect the category controls in the editor screens and SSO ID matching; bug fixes address issues with table of contents category displays and snippet API call variable caching.
  4. Deleting a custom Manage filter

    Deleting a filter will not delete any of the articles in the filter. If you'd like to delete articles, use the checkboxes next to the articles and the Delete option near the top. To delete a custom Manage filter: Go to  Knowledge B...
  5. Manage articles

  6. SSO Advanced Options

    Learn about the various Advanced Options for SAML SSO Integration.
  7. Manage Articles filters: now with Included and Excluded Tags filters New

    In Manage Articles, we've renamed the existing Tags filter to "Included Tags" and added a new "Excluded Tags" filter. Learn more about these changes so you can start using them in your filters!
  8. Included Tags vs. Excluded Tags New

    Learn how to the Included Tags and Excluded Tags filters work.
  9. Editing a custom Manage filter

    To view the details of an existing custom filter or edit it: Go to  Knowledge Base > Manage . Select the filter from the filter dropdown. Click the Edit Filter button that appears to the right of the filter dropdown. Make the chan...
  10. Customize widget contact form

    In Settings > Widget , the Contact Form section allows you to change some of the text labels and placeholder text in the widget's Contact tab, including: Field labels Search results header Thank you message Add a custom footer Wid...