Write the docs

Create and edit your knowledge base content.


Categories are like folders or containers for your articles. They also control how your content is structured. Learn how to set up and customize your categories and subcategories.


Articles are individual pages or topics that can show up in search. Learn how to create and edit articles.

Files and images

KnowledgeOwl includes unlimited file storage for files up to 200MB and supports embedding files from other platforms. Learn how to upload and manage files, images, and other media.

File Labels

Use file labels to filter the files you've uploaded to KnowledgeOwl.


Tags can be used for filtering within KnowledgeOwl and your search results.


Snippets are chunks of reusable content and scripts. Learn how to create and use snippets.

Shared & synced content

Shared content articles and synced categories let you share the same content in multiple categories and knowledge bases.

Import content

Do you have existing content you want to migrate to KnowledgeOwl? Use one of our import options to simplify the process.

Generate content

Automate article creation from other source systems

Create REST API documentation

Learn how to create REST API documentation using KnowledgeOwl and Redoc.