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  1. Getting started

    Learn how to start using KnowledgeOwl to create a knowledge base to share information with customers, employees, and other audiences.
  2. Configure SSO using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)

    This tutorial will help walk you through setting up a an integration between ADFS and KnowledgeOwl using SAML 2.0. The screenshots below may not match your version of ADFS, but the steps to complete the integration should be the same. Step 1: A...
  3. Prevent Page Breaks in PDF Table Rows

    If you have table rows that span multiple lines, by default, the PDF generator won't make any effort to keep those multi-line rows on the same page if they fall on a page break. This is most evident when you have table row headers: Default ...
  4. SEO guide

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of enhancing the findability of your knowledge base content for your users and giving others the opportunity to discover your knowledge base.
  5. User management

    Learn how to manage your users and user permissions in KnowledgeOwl.
  6. Create expanding/collapsing sections in an article

    Learn how to use scripts to create accordion expanding/collapsing sections of content in your articles.
  7. Glossary

  8. Configuring search

    The configuration options in this section will help you fine-tune the behavior of search in your knowledge base.
  9. Import content

  10. Configure SSO using G Suite (formerly Google Apps)

    In order to set up your knowledge base to use SSO with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), you'll need to: In Google Workspace, create a SAML app for SSO and add some KnowledgeOwl info. Update info in KnowledgeOwl to capture that SAML app in...