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  1. Create a private knowledge base with different content for different readers

    Learn how to restrict content to different readers in a KnowledgeOwl knowledge base.
  2. Display PDF file in articles

    Learn how to embed PDF files inside your KnowledgeOwl articles using the Google Docs embed viewer.
  3. Configure SSO using G Suite (formerly Google Apps)

    Create SAML app for SSO Create your own custom SAML app in G Suite. In G SuiteAdmin Console, go to Apps > SAML Apps and click on Add a service/App to your domain.  If you already have existing SAML Apps, click on the yellow circle with ...
  4. Configuring search

    The configuration options in this section will help you fine-tune the behavior of search in your knowledge base.
  5. Configure SSO using Salesforce

    Salesforce SSO will restrict access to your knowledge base to only individuals with a valid login to your Salesforce account. Readers logged in to Salesforce will be able to access your knowledge base, and anyone who tries to access your knowledge b...
  6. Glossary

  7. Link to Article

    The Link to Article feature is helpful when referencing another article within KnowledgeOwl . It dynamically creates the links based on the unique ID of the articles, so you never have to worry about changed permalinks breaking links in your knowle...
  8. Share and Link Articles Between Categories and KBs

    You have the ability to share an article in multiple categories and across knowledge bases. The content (body) of the article as well as all versions will stay in sync across all shared articles. Each article can choose to have its own title, restri...
  9. Create from template

    You can choose to create a new article using another article as a template or starting point. It's another way to copy an existing article as a starting point so you don't have to start from scratch.  You can create various article tem...
  10. Set Up Google Analytics Site Search and Page-Specific Traffic

    While we're by no means Google Analytics experts, we have a couple of tips and tricks to get you on you way. Check out Google Analytics Help to learn more! Setting Up Site Search Would you like to better understand what search terms users ar...