Integrate KnowledgeOwl into your Web Site or Application

KnowledgeOwl is very customizable and can be integrated into a website or application in a variety of ways depending on your needs. Here are a few:
  • Easy: The easiest way to integrate KnowledgeOwl in a site or application is to create a link to your knowledge base from inside your application.​​
  • Intermediate: You can embed our contact form widget into your site or application, which brings up a contact form that will suggest articles based on the current location (page path) of the user and suggests relevant content as they describe their question or problem.
  • Intermediate: You can set up Single Sign On between your application and your knowledge base. This allows you to log users into the knowledge base and assign them to different reader groups to customize the content and experience based on who they are.
  • Advanced: You can use our API to integrate your KnowledgeOwl content into your website or application. You can pull articles based on the current location (context) and display them inside your own application. You can also search and return articles via the API, as well as display content.