Release notes

A record of all notable changes made to KnowledgeOwl since March 15, 2017.
You can also view our roadmap to see some of our largest upcoming projects.

New article archive workflow: redirect the archived article to existing content

01/17/2024Kate Mueller
Archiving an article now has the same redirect to another article option that deleting has!

💬New comments notification email setting: Reply to commenter

01/17/2024Kate Mueller
For knowledge bases using the Every new comment email frequency, you can now set the reply-to address to be that of the person leaving the comment. This should streamline replying to comments!

Popeye the Sailor Man Day bugfixes

01/17/2024Kate Mueller
These fixes address bugs with copying tags and search phrases, homepage banner images, topic display categories, updating logos, custom dates, and versions.

🐦Nat'l Bird Day bugfixes

01/05/2024Kate Mueller
These fixes address bugs with the new righthand column in the editor, plus a floating footer issue in some articles.

⚙️Snippet feature drop: Undo changes

01/02/2024Kate Mueller
We've just added a new option to snippets to Undo changes to a snippet. Like the undo options in Settings > Style, this is a rollback to one of the three previous saves on the snippet.

💇Article Editor makeover: Righthand column edition

12/26/2023Kate Mueller
We've given the righthand column of the article editor a major facelift and reordering. Learn about all the changes here!

🤝Int'l Human Solidarity Day bugfixes

12/20/2023Kate Mueller
These fixes address bugs with the Contact Form Form Submitted HTML, Modern Slideout widget, and security updates.

🐝KnowledgeOwl is now a Certified B Corporation🐝

12/12/2023Kate Mueller
KnowledgeOwl is owlficially a Certified B Corporation!

📨Customize Text: Now with Contact Form

12/11/2023Kate Mueller
We've added the Contact Form fields and title tag to the Customize Text tool!

New Style Settings option: Table of contents control

12/06/2023Kate Mueller
With this change, you can choose to opt in to a set theme + layout combination and gain greater control over when your table of contents is open.

🐘Wildlife Conservation Day bugfixes

12/04/2023Kate Mueller
These fixes address bugs with favorites lists and API datetime stamp formats.

⚡️New and improved Zapier integration

11/21/2023Marybeth Alexander
Use the official Zapier integration to connect KnowledgeOwl with your favorite apps and automate your work—no code required.

📄Feature enhancement: Active version PDF exports

11/16/2023Kate Mueller
You can now export a version PDF for the current active version of a published article.

🚩New Slack Webhook app integration

11/13/2023Kate Mueller
We've built an official KnowledgeOwl Slack webhook app to replace our older, more generic integration instructions!

🎃Nat'l Pumpkin Day bugfixes

10/26/2023Kate Mueller
These fixes address bugs with Required Reading icons, shared content category syncing, admin managed reader passwords, and added support for Unix timestamps to our API.

🧁Nat'l Chocolate Cupcake Day bugfixes

10/18/2023Kate Mueller
These fixes address bugs with Article Favorites, file references, and category icon panels.

📄New feature drop: Inactive version PDF exports!

10/11/2023Kate Mueller
You can now export a PDF of an inactive version, and moving forward, these PDFs will include loads more metadata about who created the version and when!

🎤New feature drop: Required Reading

10/05/2023Kate Mueller
With this feature, your readers will be presented with messages if an article is required and will need to confirm that they've read the content. You can generate a report to see who's read what.

New Widget 2.0 method: Reset

09/19/2023Kate Mueller
We've added a reset method to Widget 2.0 so you can programmatically clear the widget's contents before feeding something new in.

📨 New SMTP option: Microsoft OAuth2

09/16/2023Kate Mueller
We've added support for Microsoft OAuth2 SMTP.