Release notes

A record of all notable changes made to KnowledgeOwl since March 15, 2017.
You can also view our roadmap to see some of our largest upcoming projects.

Bug fixes for unlocking readers with mixed case emails + HTML in search result article blurbs

01/13/2021Kate Mueller
These fixes address bugs preventing unlocking of mixed case reader accounts, and improperly displayed HTML code in search result article blurbs.

More detailed delete confirmations

01/08/2021Kate Mueller
For deletes of 5 or fewer items, we list the items in the delete confirmation; for 6+ we show an item count.

Internal notes now in Manage and copied to new articles

01/05/2021Kate Mueller
Article internal notes are now included in the Manage Articles CSV export. They're also copied when new articles are created from template or copied from existing articles with internal notes.

2021: New year, new bug fixes

01/05/2021Kate Mueller
These fixes address bugs on breadcrumbs in the editor and KB, custom content categories + versions, new reader group reordering, and other delights.

14 December bug round-up

12/14/2020Kate Mueller
These fixes address bugs on revision tracking, shared content category article unlinking, and custom roles with varying tag permissions.

Version UI update: Show 5 by default

11/17/2020Kate Mueller
By default, you'll now see the five most recent versions, with an option to expand to see more.

Bug fix round-up 17 November

11/17/2020Kate Mueller
These fixes address bugs on shared content categories, the Articles interface in IE11, Snippet Editor, and bulk activating versions.

Bug fixes and small updates for 11.11

11/11/2020Kate Mueller
We've added an Announcements section to the user dashboard, and fixed bugs with SAML user password resets, internal notes on categories, widget 2.0 topic display categories, and more.

New feature: Snippet references

11/10/2020Kate Mueller
We've added on-save editor logic to track which snippets articles and custom content categories are referencing.

Versions now display in reverse chronological order

10/30/2020Kate Mueller
We've added an Active Version section and flipped the order so that newest versions are at the top--rather than the bottom--of the Versions list.

Happy Hall-owleen bug fixes

10/30/2020Kate Mueller
These fixes address bugs with the Snippet Library search, Redirect to File button, custom roles without delete category permissions, article view counts, and our API $and statements.

Inherited reader group restrictions now shown in editor

10/23/2020Kate Mueller
We've added an Inherited Groups section to the editor so you can see any reader group restrictions the content is inheriting from its parent categories!

Mid-October 2020 bugfix round-up

10/19/2020Kate Mueller
These fixes address bugs on Contact Form Reporting, Manage Articles bulk editing, Autosuggest + Reader Group restrictions, snippet editing, and version ready for review messaging.

Topic display category PDF refreshes

10/16/2020Kate Mueller
We've added clearer messaging so you know when a topic display category PDF needs regenerating, and you can control when it is regenerated by deciding when to resave it.

Updates to shared content article messages

10/16/2020Kate Mueller
We've updated shared content article messaging to explicitly identify parent/child status.

More options for Link to Article creation

10/14/2020Kate Mueller
We've added fields for Link Title and Link Name so they match other hyperlinks, and we're automatically populating those with the article's name.

Widget 2.0 bug fixes/performance improvements

10/13/2020Kate Mueller
We improved load times for articles and categories with large files and images, and fixed bugs with the openArticle and openCategory methods.

New editor keyboard shortcuts for text formatting

10/13/2020Kate Mueller
We've expanded keyboard shortcuts to include shortcuts for paragraph, preformatted text, div, and blockquote.

Manage Articles CSV export updates

10/12/2020Kate Mueller
We've added a new field for URL redirects and updated the name of another field.

New custom role permission: edit articles in bulk

10/08/2020Kate Mueller
We've made the Manage option to Bulk Edit articles a separate permission available to custom user roles.